Q: Which occasion should I especially wear anti-radiation maternity clothes? Top

  • Working in the office with PC, notebook or Xerox.
  • Coming through ionospheric radiation,while travelling by airplane.
  • Cooking with mircrowave.
  • Using cell phone.

Q: Will I get my phone call the phone is in the pocket of the dress? Top

No. Please don't put your cell phone in the pocket. The fabrics of the dresses may block the electromagnetic wave from the cell phone, so probably you won't get the phone call.

Q: I tried to test the anti-radiation clothing by wrapping up a cell phone inside it. But the cell phone still ring, does it mean it's not working ? Top

No. It's not a scientific method to test the metal fiber clothing by cell phone so it's not effective every time. The most effective method to test metal fiber is to take a small piece cloth distributed with the product, lit by the fire,then you can find a mesh of non-melting part of the samples cloth.
This non-melting part is the metal fiber to shielding radiation.It can ensure the element of the cloth.

Q: Are those clothes designed for those pregnant radiologists? Top

No. The maternity clothes are designed for pregnant women to shield general electromagnetic wave from computers, TVs, cell phones and microwave ovens etc. If you will be under X-ray irradiation, a professional lead suit is needed.

Q: Where are your dresses shipped from? Top

Our dresses are shipped directly from our warehouse in Shanghai, China.

Q: How do I make a purchase? Top

To make a purchase, please follow the simple instructions below:
1. Choose the desired product.
2. Type the desired quantity into the Quantity field box located in the Products page.
3. Click on the Add to Cart button

Q: What are your shipping costs and policies? Top

MamiClothing.com ships worldwide from our warehouse in Shanghai, China.Orders placed by internet, or email will be shipped within 48 hours.
The shipping cost for the products is US$19.99 for the first item and US$9.99 for each additional items. All orders are shipped express mail and are guaranteed to arrive at your doorsteps within 9 business days. Most orders arrive between 4 to 9 business days.

Q: Will I be taxed? Top

No, you will not be charged any duties or taxes.

Q: Can I track my package online? Top

Yes, after shipping out your order, a tracking number will be sent to you via email. If you do not receive a tracking number within 2 business days, please contact master@mamiclothing.com. We will gladly confirm your order and provide you with a tracking number.

Q: What are my payment options? Top

We take Paypal and credit card (Visa / MasterCard).

Q: How will I know if my order went through? Top

After making an order at MamiClothing.com, check your email to see if you have received a confirmation email. If it has been some time and you still have not received any emails, please contact master@mamiclothing.com to confirm your order.

Q: I never received my product. Is it stuck at customs? Top

If you have received a tracking email and it has been more than 9 business days since you placed your order and you still have not received your dress product, contact us immediately at master@mamiclothing.com.

Q: Is there a warranty on your products? Top

We guarantee all garments to be free from defects in manufacture and workmanship for a period of 15 days. If you have any problems with your product within this warranty period, send it back to us and we will send a brand new replacement back with no questions asked. The only exception is if we discover evidence that the product has been worn. To make a claim, please contactmaster@mamiclothing.com.

Q: Is there a return policy? Top

All purchases must be returned within 7 days of the date you received your order. We will not refund clearance items marked with a no return policy. To receive a full refund all items must be in their original packaging and condition, we will not refund for used and/or washed items. We do not refund shipping charges. Please allow 30 days for your refund to be processed. Please contact master@mamiclothing.com in advance. Do not return any products without prior notification.

Q: How can I wear the products? Top

Gentle hand wash recommended. Do not wring after wash.No bleach.Regular ironing.

Q: What if I have a questions not listed on the FAQ? Top

For further questions or inquiries about the clothing, please email us at master@mamiclothing.com.